Durarara!!×2 Episode #30

Here’s Saki Mikajima and while her boyfriend Masaomi Kida is in a pinch right now, she decides to pay a visit to one of Kida’s friends.

And I’m talking about Anri Sonohara as both girls are talking about their love life as well as Masaomi Kida’s past.

Speaking of Anri’s love life, it’s kinda complicated as she’s hesitating on dating with Mikado Ryuugamine. Then again, he’s busy dealing with purges within the Dollars’ ranks.

Meanwhile, Ryuugamine is visited by Ran Izumii who wanted to see if he has spines or not.

And while the leader of Dollars is pathetically weak in terms of physical strength, Mikado wasn’t fazed by Ran’s scary face. In any case, Ryuugamine isn’t a guy who can easily manipulated by someone else like Ran Izumii. In fact, Mikado is planning to purge him off for being a threat within the colorless group, but not today though!

Anyways, I’ll see you next week. And by the way, let’s hope that Masaomi Kida will make it out alive after meeting with Mikado Ryuugamine!

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