Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Episode #06

Well you look at that, Miyokichi hanging out with Kikuhiko makes those fangirls very jealous!

While he’s amazing in last week’s episode, Kikuhiko is struggling to make a name for himself in the world of rakugo. Sure that Sukeroku is very talented as his brand of rakugo is aimed at everyone, but Kiku-san is having doubts on himself on why he took up rakugo in the first place.

Remember, Kikuhiko can’t dance as a geisha because of his injured leg and he’s too late to become an actor, let alone kabuki.

However, his doubts and uncertainty were finally cleared away when Kikuhiko performed “Shinagawa Shinjuu”, which is perfect for his sexy voice as he captivated the crowd through his bold story-telling. Well, you may thank Sukeroku for giving him advice on telling erotic stories ’cause it fits him well.

Finally, someone noticed Kikuhiko’s rakugo and it not only satisfies the crowd but it makes him very happy! I feel that the reason why Kikuhiko performed rakugo is not only to express himself but to become satisfied with his own performance and personality.

Anyways, Kiku’s performance was a sight to behold and Miyokichi loves it! Of course, I feel uncertain about her continuing relationship with Kikuhiko.

In any case, I feel that next week’s episode would turn it for the worse!

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