Strike the Blood OVA Episode #01

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Itogami Island, where it houses the Fourth Progenitor and the current wielder of Schneewalzer (or Sekkarou). And I’m talking about Kojou Akatsuki and Yukina Himeragi, respectively!

In any case, Strike the Blood has returned where both Kojou and Yukina are invited to a party.

Anyways, let’s start this OVA episode with the introduction of the King and Queen of Aldegyr as they’re here to make a peace treaty with the Warlord’s Domain, including Dimitrie Vatler where he’ll arrive late in the party!

Oh yeah, and La Folia Rihavein is here together with her young aunt Kanon Kanase. Of course, La Folia’s father doesn’t like Kojou to be La Folia’s husband because he look like a high school lech despite being a vampire.

In any case, seems that the party is pretty much smooth-sailing…

Until these robots appeared to wreck havoc by kidnapping La Folia Rihavein.

Yeah, that was expected since having an important guest like the Rihavein royal family in Itogami Island is risky, especially when you don’t have enough elite bodyguards!

Of course, there are a few who can protect La Folia like Kojou Akatsuki, who wants to make a good impression towards the King of Aldegyr!

Oh by the way, he also managed to rescue this bespectacled woman from being murdered by a rampaging robot.

Then again, I feel that she might control Akatsuki much like how Yuuma Tokoyogi controlled him back in the TV series.

Now let’s move onto something that you guys like: Bare breasts in Strike the Blood! Thanks for the nude tits, SILVER LINK!

In any case, let’s start with Asagi Aiba as she has nice boobies!

Oh, and it seems that Kojou Akatsuki wants to fondle Asagi’s tits!

Wait, I feel that there’s something odd regarding Kojou’s behavior. I have a feeling that the bespectacled woman that he saved earlier have managed to control him. No wonder Kojou wasn’t getting any nosebleeds as he’s acting like a shameless lech!

Oh look, there’s also Astarte and Kanon Kanasa joining in, as well as Yukina Himeragi and Sayaka Kirasaka. Then again, they don’t want Kojou staying at the bathroom except for La Folia-sama.

But come to think of it, seeing bare titties of various sizes makes me happy!

Moving onto this scene where Yukina is about to have her body sink in with Kojou’s fangs. C’mon, he’s a vampire and a Fourth Progenitor to boot!

Also, seems that La Foila wants to join it for a threesome. Kojou, you lucky bastard!

Then again, seems that Kojou is acting weird that he electrocute La Folia until she fainted.

Forget what I said that Kojou is acting weird, he’s being controlled again!

And it seems that this bespectacled woman is behind it as she wants to nab La Folia as a hostage. Oh, and she nab Yukina-chan too ’cause why not!

You know what, it would be better if Kojou Akatsuki would resist being controlled by others after Yuuma Tokoyogi used him. However, he didn’t learn a damn bit!

With that said, I’ll see you on the second episode for the conclusion of this two-part OVA series.

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