Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Episode #06

Oh look, both Shihoru and Yume are making a conversation together with Mary, but it seems that she’s not interested in such girly things.

Let’s just say that integrating Mary to the party will be very long, and I don’t know why she always acting stiff.

However, seems that both Shinohara and Hayashi knows the answer why Mary acted this way. In fact, Hayashi revealed that Mary used to be part of his party.

Before, Mary was cheerful and caring that she always heal her party members without hesitation.

However, her outlook in life has changed when three of her party members were slaughtered by a special kobold called “Death Spots”. Mary was devastated and she blamed for the death of her comrades!

With that said, Mary’s backstory gave Haruhiro and his party some leverage on including her as one of them. In an case, I hope next week’s episode would turn out better for the party.

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