Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Episode #06

Gaining momentum by winning the next round during the tournament is hard, especially when you’re exerting yourself physically!

For Asuka Kurashina, while her body is somewhat tired after winning the second round, she’s feeling fine and excited!

Now then, let’s move onto this week’s episode starting with Kazunari Shindou, the ace Flying Circus player from Takafuji Academy and he shows his tenacity…

…by beating Misaki Tobisawa in an official match. While Misaki made her counter-attack, it wasn’t enough to beat Kazunari at his best form!

In any case, Shindou move onto the next round where he’ll face Asuka Kurashina.

Then again, Asuka-chan has some other plans as she made a reckless comeback by making air turns repeatedly, tying up the score with 4 points apiece.

Well, I have to say that Asuka’s play was impressive despite she’s started playing less than a month ago!

However, seems that Shindou got mad at Asuka’s comeback. Therefore, he’s very serious on winning the third round!

Well, there goes Asuka’s comeback as Kazunari Shindou made 2 points to nab the third round in his favor.

It was a good match, but the ace triumph over the novice. Speaking of the novice, I’m worried about Asuka Kurashina’s health as she might never play FC again just like Masaya Hinata.

With that said, I hope things would get better on the next episode!

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