HaruChika: Haruta to Chika Wa Seishun Suru Episode #07

A new trimester has started in Shimizu South High School and while Chika Homura is improving her flute-playing skills, apart from having new club members including Akari Gotou, she’s having trouble maintaining her grades that Chika got mad at Haruta for mocking her about it!

Um Chika-chan, you should hit the books or you’ll be at fault for not letting the Brass Band Club from competing in the nationals.

Anyways, time for a study session with Chika Homura as she aims to have above-average grades in the mid-term exams.

On the other hand, she’s listening to the local radio station 77.4 MHz with the show called “The Seven Sages Counseling Service”, which offers advice to troubled kids. While Chika loves listening to that show, there’s one more person who’s listening too.

By the way, I’m not talking about Haruta Kamijou as he’s also a listener to that program.

I’m talking about Misato Asou who listened to “The Seven Sages Counseling Service” radio show when she’s a third-year junior high school student.

Anyways, Misato was once a former hikikomori and she’s now acted as a club president of the Geology Club, whose activities is simply digging rocks at someone’s backyard. Before, Asou-san almost committed suicide if it wasn’t for the radio show, but now she’s saving fellow shut-ins… except for one.

That person is actually the DJ of “The Seven Sages Counseling Service” radio show, Kaiyu Hiyama.

You see, Misato tried inviting him several times to join the club, but he declined as he’s busy helping other shut-ins like himself by broadcasting the radio program.

On the other hand, Asou happened to mine a blue topaz in Hiyama’s backyard… illegally. But he doesn’t mind about that as Kaiyu plans to go back to school even though he’ll repeat a year.

By the way, I forgot to tell you that Naoko Serizawa mentioned that there’s a hikikomori who’s good at playing drums and other percussion instruments, which I assumed that it’s Kaiyu Hiyama… hopefully.

Anyways, another mystery solved on this week’s episode of HaruChika!

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