Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Episode #06

Well, this Dullahan (now named Verdia) is very pissed that he brought an army of undead soldiers!

C’mon, he expects Kazuma’s party to come to his castle, but they ignored it after Aqua dispel the curse from Darkness-chan.

Oh well, let’s end Verdia’s reign with Megumin’s explosive magic. That’ll do the trick… against the undead army.

Damn, and they’re so close on killing that Dullahan!

Meanwhile, here’s Darkness-chan and while she can take any punishment, Darknes can’t hit anything apart from being a total masochist!

On the other hand, there’s Kazuma Satou as he has water spells to dish out Verdia…

…since the Dullahan is weak to water. And look, he’s dodging it like a scaredy cat who doesn’t like getting drenched!

You know what, that gave Kazuma a bigger idea!

So, let’s have Aqua making a bigger splash since she’s a water goddess for goodness sake!

Then again, Aqua made it too much that she flooded the whole town.

I bet that the reward for defeating the Dullahan will be used to fix the walls and other buildings!

Meanwhile, seems that Kazuma stole Verdia’s severed head and he’s planning to turn it into a soccer ball.

C’mon, it’s amusing to see someone’s head being kicked into the goal even thought there’s none!

Oh, and let’s finish Verdia off with Aqua’s Sacred Turn Undead. Well, I’m glad that she cast a useful spell for once!

In any case, it’s time for a celebration that Kazuma Satou’s party have finally defeated the Dullahan!

Then again, the next episode will have them paying off debts and other charges. C’mon, their pockets aren’t so deep!

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