Musaigen no Phantom World Episode #07

Well, seems that Shousuke Morohashi is acting strange on this episode. Of course, he’s not the only one…

It turns out that most of the students are acting like cats today. Not a purrfect scenario there!

Now on this episode, it seems that Mai Kawakami’s group was asked by Kurumi’s friend Arina to find her cat Rudolph.

Unfortunately, the situation regarding the students acting as cats is getting worse!

Now they sport cat ears and tail except for Haruhiko. You know what, I’ll dig with Reina Izumi’s cat look!

The same thing happened to Kurumi-chan, but hearing her “nyaa~!” tic is so cute!

Anyways, they found the source of the cat-ifying phenomenom inside the old mansion. Seems normal, right?

That’s until they realized that the mansion is being possessed by a Phantom. Well actually, it’s a cat Phantom who trap those students inside the mansion, never to return.

On the other hand, seems that the mansion is revealed to be a giant Schrödinger’s cat experiment where unless someone opened the door, they won’t know if the inhabitants inside are either dead or alive. Thus, the people inside the mansion are treated as both dead and alive.

Then again, seems that the cat Phantom is lonely as the students couldn’t visit the abandoned mansion. That’s sad to hear that!

But don’t worry, the cat Phantom won’t be alone as Reina calmed it down. She succeeds though on calming the Phantom down, and as a reward…

…the cat Phantom brought back Rudolph. Glad that the cat Phantom managed to let Arina’s cat live!

Oh look, and they returned to the real world and they lost their cat ears and tail.

In any case, I guess it’s mystery solved for Maicchi’s group!

Oh yeah, and they made the mansion sparkly clean instead of being abandoned forever. I mean, this mansion will be used for future generations!

Anyways, that’s done and dusted for this week’s episode and now we have to wait for next week.

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