Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #07

This is Haruka Hoshimiya, your resident train otaku from Unit 8 who is busy recording the sound of classic rail cars.

Too bad that her hobby will have to be put on hold…

…as the Unit 8 will have to deal with the usual Willwear threat from Logos.

Anyways, inside this EMP-equipped prototype Willwear is Masataka Kobari who opposes the current governor Kazuyoshi Terao that he wants to punish him for his incompetence.

Speaking of Governor Terao, he plans to deal with the perpetrator with his EMP-cancelling missile. However, his idea was shut down as it’ll violate the aviation law in which forbids anyone operating any aircraft without permission.

Sorry Governor, but let the Unit 8 handle this situation. No hard feelings there!

Meanwhile, the Unit 8 are on the move but it’s time for Haruka-san to show her stuff by donning the Oscar III Willwear.

But instead of stopping the perpetrator with force…

…she tries to convince the criminal to surrender. C’mon, Unit 8 doesn’t do police brutality like many other law enforcement agencies out there.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about Kobari-san as he’s a train otaku just like Hoshimiya. Also, while he’s a supporter to the Peace Party led by Daizou Naganuma…

Masataka Kobari has an adopted daughter from the Philippines, who needs organ transplant in order to live.

Yeah, this is why Kobari wanted to punish the governor as he wanted the transplant badly for his daughter!

Too bad that a certain Doc wants to ruin this tender moment. In fact, Doc is gonna blow Kobari up as he’s tired of using him much like how it happened from Ep. 2.

So yeah, Doc blow up Masataka Kobari’s Willwear, which Haruka Hoshimiya was very shocked to see that.

Also, there’s more bad news as the opposition leader Daizou Naganuma has died due to heart attack. Damn, what a downer ending to this week’s episode!

As for Logos, Mythos wasn’t pleased as his Willwear was stolen without his permission, and it was used to self-destruct a victim like Masataka Kobari after failing to punish the current governor.

You know what, I think that Logos’ coordination is non-existent since you have Mythos and Doc competing against each other. Therefore, most of their schemes are somewhat failed due to their bickering.

In any case, I’ll see you next week and give Haruka Hoshimiya a hug!

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