Dagashi Kashi Episode #06

And now I present you Hotaru Shidare acting like a gymnast, using Meiji’s Super String Q!

Also, Hotaru is playing ohajiki and let’s just say that she suck at playing while the rest are good at it!

Meanwhile, let’s talk about Saya Endou as she’s good at playing ohajiki earlier, Saya remembers her childhood memories with Kokonotsu Shikada.

Back then, he’s knowledgeable when it comes to candy products and he still does in the present.

Anyways, he’s holding Meiji’s Yoguret which is a yogurt tablet candy that helps digestion and provides calcium for stronger bones.

It also comes in a blister pack, which is why Coconuts played doctor with Saya-chan.

But it seems that he’s giving Yoguret medicines to patients instead of examining their bodies, which annoys Saya a bit!

Even so, they still remember it but they’re too embarrassed to talk about their childhood memories with that Yoguret candy. Sorry Hotaru-chan, I think you should present a different kind of candy product instead!

In any case, glad that Dagashi Kashi is back after a one-week hiatus, and I’ll see you next week for more real-life candy products courtesy of Hotaru Shidare!

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