GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #19

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Prince Zolzal as the new emperor and I have a feeling that he’ll restart the war with Japan!

For Princess Piña Co Lada, it’s a big blow and she’s worried that her brother Zolzal will do anything to crush Japan by any devious means.

But seriously, Tyuule wants to see both the Empire and Japan burn for taking away her dignity as the leader of the Formal Clan!

Meanwhile back at Rondel, Lelei shows to both Arpeggio and Mimoza the power of the laptop. Unless there’s internet connection, the laptop is useless in regards to finding tons of information across the web.

On the other hand, Mimoza explained that according to ancient text, the ancestors came to the Special Region via the gate at Arnus Hill. The elves became the first settlers and various races came to the Special Region including humans, which they settled last at the region.

In any case, let’s move to something exciting…

…as Arpeggio, who got fed up over Lelei’s accomplishments, decided to put a bowl of hot soup over her sister’s head.

You know what, it’s time for a battle between sisters!

Then again, Lelei will triumph over Arpeggio because she’s more talented than her elder sister. Sorry Miss Arpeggio El Lalena!

However, seems that someone decides to kill Lelei la Lalena in broad daylight. Dammit, somebody save Lelei-chan!

Oh wait, there’s no need to worry as Grey Co Aldo came in the nick of time to stab the assassin in the back.

Now then, I have a feeling that it’s either Emperor Zolzal or Tyuule who ordered Lelei’s assassination, although I would point my fingers at the latter.

In any case, Grey Co Aldo is here and it’s time for Lt. Youji Itami and his party… to run away! Well, better than fighting assassins head-on!

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