Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episodes #01 – #04

Here’s something that taking buzz in Winter 2015, and this story is about a struggling manga artist named Satoru Fujinuma who is working as a pizza delivery guy.

Also, he has his mother Sachiko supporting him even if Satoru got into an accident. How sweet!

Although right now, she’s relaxing as Sachiko-san is over 50 years old.

Unfortunately, she was murdered by someone and Satoru got framed by it. Damn, that’s horrible!

Well it turns out that Sachiko Fujinuma knows about the disappearance of children from 18 years ago, and she was killed for knowing too much. At this point, this series will have a bad ending on the first episode!

Until Satoru was transported back in time from 2006 to 1988 (only his memories that is) as he’s given one more chance to clear his name and prevent the murder of her mother.

Also, Satoru was tasked to save a certain girl who couldn’t save in the original timeline.

This is Kayo Hinazuki, who has the same birthday as Satoru Fujinuma which is March 2. Anyways, Kayo was the subject of being abused by her mother and she was murdered on the day before her birthday, March 1, 1988.

Now on the original timeline, this guy named Jun Shiratori was the one who murdered Kayo Hinazuki 18 years ago.

Jun (or Yuuki) was arrested and was put into death row, however the kidnappings continued in the present so I have a feeling that he’s not the perpetrator.

And speaking of the perpetrator, I can speculate that Gaku Yashiro was responsible for murdering Kayo Hinazuki as well as two girls from 1988.

I mean, having Satoru’s shoulder being grasped by Yashiro-sensei sent shivers down to his spine!

In any case, Satoru Fujinuma try his best to alter the timeline by inviting Kayo Hinazuki for a shared birthday party as his home. How sweet!

Oh, and she got a new set gloves as a present! In any case, Satoru managed to save Kayo from being murdered on March 1.

However, it seems that she disappeared right after March 2. I have a feeling that things didn’t work out for Fujinuma! Well then, I’ll see you next time as I play catch-up on watching BokuMachi until I’ve reached the latest episode!

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