Durarara!!×2 Episode #31

Oh look, it’s Mikado Ryuugamine and Aoba Kuronuma as both of them pay a visit to the Dollars’ chat room. However, seems that a certain person is leaking real-life information…

…which happens to be a baggy-eyed Namie Yagiri as she calls Ryuugamine out to vent her frustration over her brother Seiji!

Well Mikado, seems that being out of the chat room has caused more trouble that you missed most of it!

Moving onto the episode where Kasane Kujiragi and Seitarou Yagiri are discussing business…

…like how to deal with Celty Sturluson in regards to both her body and head. Well, Kasane not only tick Celty off by kidnapping Shinra, but she’s planning something devious toward the Dullahan after trapping her!

Speaking of Shinra, what happened to him after being transported somewhere by Vorona?

Anyways, here’s Shizuo Heiwajima as he’s here to save Celty Sturluson, both her body and her severed head!

And while he’ll have to deal with both Kasane and Seitarou…

…Shizuo will have to deal with his troubled junior Vorona. Seriously Vorona, what happened to Shinra anyway?

Now then, Shizuo tries to convince Vorona to put down her weapon and rescue Celty together from both Kasane-san and Seitarou.

However, seems that a certain Izaya Orihara has crashed the party by throwing off I-beams and a power shovel!

Luckily, Shizuo managed to brush it off as his body can withstand extreme trauma.

See, he can shrug that power shovel like it was nothing!

In any case, Shizuo will have a lengthily talk with Izaya on the next episode, but I was thinking that Heiwajima should take Celty’s head and Shinra back instead of having a confrontation with Orihara!

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  1. I just watched this episode and now I’m crying because I’m worried that either Shizuo or Izaya will die. I love both of them and if they kill each other I will never be complete again. 😦

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