Heavy Object Episode #19

Well, I have to give props to this female civilian as she saved Qwenthur Barbotage from being strangled to death by Nutsley, who was revealed as a spy to the Legitimate Kingdom!

After watching this episode, I expect some conflict within the Kingdom…

Meanwhile, Charlotte Zoom got injured in the leg and she tells Qwenthur to abandon her. For Qwenthur though, he doesn’t like seeing girls being left off to die!

See, he’ll just pick Charlotte up and run away together against Nutsley. That’s good for Qwenthur Barbotage, but he won’t see face-to-face with Monica as she was escorted away together with the TV crew!

Now let’s get back to Nutsley as he’s the guy who wanted to prolong the war between the Legitimate Kingdom and the Faith Organization, as well as killing off civilians for the lulz!

You know what, it’s time for Qwenthur to wipe that smirk off…

…with explosives of course. All he needs is his trusty Handaxe plastic explosives to destroy the powered suit!

Then again, it’s not enough to bring Nutsley down. What it needs is a little bit of shrapnel…

…which Qwenthur used diamonds to make the explosion more lethal. And that’s the end of Nutsley’s reign of terror as his body is encrusted with one of the toughest materials on Earth!

By the way, let’s ask the military on making diamond-crusted frag grenades! Then again, it’ll be impractical and very expensive to use.

With Nutsley gone, let’s head outside as Qwenthur and Charlotte got out of the diamond mine!

And here’s Wing Balancer as it gives Milinda Brantini a hard time to get a clean hit over the enemy Object.

Meanwhile, Havia Winchell managed to get both Myongli and the civilian out of harm’s way, but it seems that they’re continuing to sabotage the enemy’s radar system.

Now back to the battlefield as Qwenthur found a way to cripple Wing Balancer. By targeting the sole of its foot…

…Qwenthur used the laser targeting system to aim at the lens, triggering Wing Balancer’s legs to extend.

And since one of its legs stick forward, the Wing Balancer would lose its footing and fell to the ground.

Well so much for the Object’s balancing act!

In any case, time for Milinda Brantini to give the enemy Object the Coup de grâce!

Even if her Baby Magnum lost a cannon or two, Milinda managed to cripple the Wing Balancer until it’s inoperable.

But with that said, the battle at Kamchatka Peninsula is finally over!

Nah, I’m just kidding as it seems that another Object appeared to clean house, and it came from the Legitimate Kingdom!

Anyways, the Indigo Plasma is here…

…to destroy the diamond mine and all of the civilians inside of it, including Nutsley!

Seriously, this is a violation of human rights, but it’ll just ignore it because the United Nations is disbanded in Heavy Object.

However, seems that the Legitimate Kingdom will try to punish the 24th Mechanized Maintenance Battalion for sending Indigo Plasma to destroy the mine and killing off a group of civilians who are trying to stop this endless war!

Fortunately, the civilians managed to escape the mine safely via submarines. Then again, I have a feeling that someone would bring them down via a deliberate accident!

Just kidding, seems that the anti-war group will be fine after moving out of the battlefield!

In any case, both Qwenthur Barbotage and Charlotte Zoom are delighted. However, seems that Charlotte wasn’t pleased against Qwenthur in regards to smuggling diamonds, but at least his face is planted onto Charlotte’s right breast!

Anyways, I’ll see you next episode. And by the way, seems that former councilor Flide has escaped from his prison cell. I wonder if he’s involved with the 24th Mechanized Maintenance Battalion?

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