Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Episode #06

After being out of action for a week, Phantasy Star Online 2 is back and I’ll like to meet Yumiko and Last Samurai… in their respective real-life appearance that is!

Anyways, the Seiga Academy student council are staying at Kusatsu Inn which is owned by both Yumiko and Last Samurai. With that said, it’s time for rest and relaxation!

Well, except for our generic protagonist Itsuki Tachibana, where Rina Izumi told him to hit the books and study due to having low grades. That’s not good if you’re a student council officer!

Remember, don’t play PSO2 too much and always have some time for other things like academic work and other hobbies.

Meanwhile, the rest of the student council are having fun as Yutaka Sasaki play a round of table tennis.

Of course, it seems that Yutaka is enjoying too much that he’s acting like his in-game avatar Musashi!

Then again, both student council officers know that Sasaki is playing PSO2, so it’s not surprising there since Itsuki revealed his identity online!

Let’s return to Itsuki for a bit as he finished his study-work and he’s now relaxing at the hot springs… with a companion to boot!

Sure that Aika Suzuki came here without knowing that it’s a male-only hot spring, but appearing out of nowhere is very strange as if Aika can jump to any place and time just to observe Itsuki-kun.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about hunting Darkers as Aika can jump pretty high and kill it before causing more harm.

But then again, seems that the Darkers cause enough harm on Last Samurai that he freaked out, when his portable game got a dark aura and a Darker got out of the screen. While he didn’t get hurt, Last Samurai got scared a bit although Yumiko told him to cut down on booze!

With that said, seems that the enemies from the game are coming out in the real-world. That’s not good if you enjoy playing PSO2 in your spare time!

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