Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Episode #07

Even though she lost against Kazunari Shindou, Asuka Kurashina is becoming popular with girls after giving a hard time against Shindou!

Glad that Asuka-chan got some praises despite being a beginner. But now let’s move onto the final match…

…where Kazunari Shindou from Takafuji Academy face-off against Kairyou Academy’s Saki Inui.

With that said, this could be a very interesting match between a champion and a powerful rookie!

Then again, Shindou-san will take this match in the bag as the veteran shows how to win it!

However, seems that Kairyou Academy has some other plans as Irina Avalon come up with a strategy that’s inspired by a famous FC player named Aoi Kagami.

Anyways, the strategy involved tiring the opponent by blocking his/her path, trapping them until the opponent either lose his/her cool or the will to compete.

This is called the birdcage strategy and Shindou got frustrated that Inui is always cornering him until the champion made a mistake, which Saki punishes Kazunari by touching his back and/or taking the buoy to score points!

In the end though, Kazunari Shindou was defeated by the newcomer Saki Inui. It was a big upset for those who watch the championship match in the West Kyushu qualifiers.

However, there are a few who don’t like Kairyou Academy’s strategy, including Aoi Kagami where she’s disgusted to see Irina Avalon employed it for Saki Inui to claim victory!

With that said, the qualifiers for the summer tournament is over and now it’s time to move onto the fall tournament.

Back at Kunahama Institute, a new club captain that’ll replace Shion Aoyagi was introduced.

Well, it’s actually Shion’s sister Madoka Aoyagi where she’ll take over as the captain of the Flying Circus Club. In any case, Kunahama will have to train harder for the fall tournament!

Unfortunately, there’s one member who’ll leave the club.

That’s right, it’s Misaki Tobisawa who is doubting her skill after losing against Shindou and seeing the rest of the matches including Asuka Kurashina, where she still smiling regardless of her win-loss record!

Well then, I’m hoping that Misaki will be back on the next episode ’cause the Kunahama Flying Circus Club will be at a disadvantage without her, not to mention the fear of quitting it altogether!

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