Musaigen no Phantom World Episode #08

On this week’s episode, Hosea Academy got a hot springs. Sounds fun, right?

Not quite as having a hot spring makes the whole school campus very hot and humid. Also, it’s populated by monkeys which they don’t like anyone dipping into their turf!

Luckily, Haruhiko came up an idea to attract those monkeys.

All he needs is for him to paint Mai-sempai’s ass with red paint, since male monkeys are attracted to it!

But instead of a troop of apes flocking over Mai’s red butt, the boss ape got attracted instead!

And by the way, Mai-cchi got traumatized as she was licked by the alpha male ape. That’s sucks for her!

However, Haruhiko has another new skill on his sleeve as he can summon a familiar should he left his sketchbook to his house or it got splashed with red paint.

Called Abramelin’s Finger, Haruhiko summoned a monster from the pages of H.P.Lovecraft’s stories. That’s right, it’s Cthulhu…

…whose appearance is a cute octopus. So I guess Cthulhu is similar to Marchosias, right?

Nope, as Cthulhu can take out that monkey with Hydro Pump. It’s super-effective!

With that said, the alpha male ape is defeated!

However, it appears that the giant monkey is heart-broken as his wife left him. That’s unfortunate!

But you know what, there’s a great idea for this big guy…

All it needs is a monkey suit and red paint in order to turn Haruhiko Ichijou into a wife for the alpha-male ape.

Great job for converting him into wife material, Arisu Himeno!

And look, the ape got attracted to Haruhiko very much. Sorry Haruhiko, but please be a good wife to that alpha-male!

Don’t worry though, he’ll be back on the next episode!

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