Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #08

Here’s Takeru Kuroki as he’s doing his usual sortie as Oscar II. Now all he needs is to pursue that truck…

…and stop it before the situation gets worse. See, it’s gonna be a piece of cake for Unit 8, but not today though!

You see, a mysterious Willwear appeared to steal Kuroki’s thunder by completely stopping the truck. Well, that’s sucks for Oscar II!

Anyways, this mysterious crimson-colored Willwear is called Ulti-maid and it’s getting popular with the general public, something that the Eighth are very envious right now!

Meanwhile, we have a new Willwear from Unit 8 called Oscar IV, who is donned by none other than Yasuharu Funasaka.

While the Oscar IV looked ugly especially the helmet part, aesthetics is just secondary when Funasaka can lift a rubble without much effort!

But then again, Ulti-maid eventually rescued the trapped civilian from the fire. Sucks for both Funasaka-san and Kazari!

Now then, I wonder who’s behind that mask? I mean, neither the Unit 8 nor the Defense Ministry have any knowledge regarding Ulti-maid’s existence.

Well, it’s none other than Miho Ooshikoushi from the United Self-Defense Force who returned from Episode 4 and she’s now wearing the prototype Willwear Ulti-maid, now called Senbukai.

Anyways, Souichirou Sena and Miho Ooshikoushi have an on-off relationship, with Ooshikoushi couldn’t stand Sena’s perfectionism that she wants him to apologize. You know what, I think they should hook up again!

Oh yeah and as for Ulti-maid or Senbukai, it was confiscated as the Willwear was hacked or got malfunctioned during its sortie. Don’t know if Logos is behind it!

Once more, the person behind Ulti-maid was revealed and Miho-san got bombarded by the mass media. That’s sucks, but let’s move onto the next episode shall we?

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