Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episodes #05 & #06

And now we’re back to the present as Satoru Fujinuma failed to save Kayo Hinazuki on his first Revival, and he’s currently on the run due to being suspected of killing his own mother!

Luckily, someone bail him out of this sticky situation as Satoru’s co-worker Airi Katagiri, which she hides him inside her home.

Glad that someone trusted him…

Unfortunately, seems that Airi is targeted by setting her home on fire. I suspect that the person behind the murder of Sachiko Fujinuma is the one who burned Airi’s house and trap her!

Seriously, did that culprit want to destroy any traces like framing Satoru Fujinuma while killing his friends and family one by one?

Speaking of Satoru Fujinuma, he rescued Airi Katagiri by getting her out of the burning house.

However, since Airi’s home is reduced to ashes, Satoru will have to find another hideout until then!

On the other hand, he got one when Mr. Sawada took Satoru into his office to hide for the time being.

As one of Sachiko’s colleague during her tenure at TV Ishikari, Sawada says that Jun Shiratori wasn’t the culprit who murdered Kayo Hinazuki as well as Aya Nakanishi and Hiromi Sugita back in 1988.

Also, Sawada speculates that the culprit framed the likes of Jun Shiratori to hide his traces so he can continue kidnapping more children until the present, yet only Sachiko knows the real identity of the perpetrator. Well, I knew that Jun Shiratori is innocent but it’s too late now!

Oh yeah, and so was Satoru Fujinuma as he was arrested after meeting with Airi Katagiri. While Airi didn’t know that she’s being tailed by the police, the damage has been done!

Well, there’s only one way to get out of this sticky situation… Make another Revival to return back to 1988, and rescue Kayo Hinazuki for the second time!

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