GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #20

After last week’s episode where Lt. Youji Itami and his party decides to get away from assassins, it’s Sherry Tyueri and Senator Casel’s turn to escape from Zolzal’s reign of terror!

I mean, that bastard prince-turned-emperor wants to wage war so he purged anyone who continues the peace process.

Eventually, both Senator Casel and Sherry went to the Jade Palace but only half of it, as they can’t just cross to the Japanese border and seek asylum there!

So, they stayed at a camp where Princess Piña Co Lada’s Rose-Order of Knights resides to guard the palace. Sadly, it doesn’t last long…

…as Zolzal’s secret police force are here to arrest Senator Casel for being part of the pro-peace faction.

Oh, and they took Sherry too ’cause why not. Dammit guys, Sherry Tyueri is a minor!

Luckily, her knight in shining armor Kouji Sugawara appeared to rescue her by telling the Cleaners to let her go!

I’m glad that Sugawara did the right thing even though his country might question his actions.

Um, you should let Sherry Tyueri go. I mean, you arrested Senator Casel so there’s no need to drag her into this!

If you don’t, one of the guards will force you to let Sherry go as seen here.

With that said, glad that Sherry Tyueri was reunited with Kouji Sugawara. Of course, it’s not over yet as the Jade Palace will become a battlefield on the next episode!

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