Heavy Object Episode #20

Let’s start this week’s episode with Frolaytia Capistrano as she’s relaxing inside an igloo…

…compared to Havia Winchell and Qwenthur Barbotage where they’re enduring the cold winter!

Meanwhile, Qwenthur talked to the chief mechanic where she points him out that the 24th Mechanized Maintenance Battalion used plasma gas to power up the enemy Object’s main cannons. I have a feeling that the gas will be used in other applications.

Also, it was revealed that the old lady (named Ayami Cherryblossom) is a refugee from the Capital Enterprise together with her family, as her former country doesn’t like the concept of charity. Those greedy bastards!

Anyways, let’s move onto the battlefield where the 37th Mechanized Maintenance Battalion will quell the mutineers!

However, they have some dirty tricks of its sleeve as they used plasma gas to spread across the field…

…so that the Indigo Plasma will deal more collateral damage when its plasma beam made contact with the gas.

Damn, I knew that they’ll use that plasma gas for other applications like this!

Oh yeah, and here’s the leader of the 24th Mechanized Maintenance named Prizewell City Slicker. What a great name for a mutineer like him!

Anyways, he wants to get rid of people who speaks foreign language, which he consider it as inferior to the Legitimate Kingdom’s official language. Really, that’s the most absurd rebellion motive ever!

Oh, and Prizewell has reinforcements in the form of six mini Objects. Damn, what a cheater!

In any case, seems that Milinda Brantini’s Baby Magnum and the 37th Mechanized Maintenance Battalion are screwed on the next episode! On the other hand, where’s that former councilor Flide anyway?

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