Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Episode #07

Well look what we have here, our generic protagonist Itsuki Tachibana is getting a bit snarky regarding Rina Izumi’s after-party plan for the school festival!

Speaking of the after-party, Rina-sempai regretted on vetoing it back in middle school. Hence, she wanted to bring the after-party back in Seiga Academy.

Meanwhile, I would like to meet Mika Konoe as she’s very jealous towards Itsuki for being clingy at Rina-sempai.

So, she resorted to play Phantasy Star Online 2…

…as a cute Fighter in a Lillipa costume named Lilica, Oh, and don’t let her looks deceive you.

You see, Lilica can beat those Darkers up. In short, don’t mess with her!

Then again, seems that Lilica can’t beat this special Darker as it stares right into her…

Oh, and into the game screen too as Mika got startled just like what happened to Last Samurai back in Ep. 6!

However, it gets worse from there as Mika Konoe got sucked into the game. Yeah, Log Horizon anyone?

Anyways, that made Itsuki and Rina-sempai worried as both of them played PSO2 to find their classmate.

And look, they found out although it seems that Mika appeared in her usual school uniform instead of her Lilica avatar.

Imagine if Last Samurai end up being trapped inside his favorite game. Good thing Aika killed it before it happens!

Speaking of Aika Suzuki, she managed to save Mika- but it seems that Konoe’s hand got a scrape after being attacked by those Darkers!

On the other hand, Aika is not alone on saving Mika Konoe as she has a powerful ally.

Next time this girl appeared together with Aika Suzuki, they should explain to Itsuki on what’s really happening within PSO2 and outside of it!

Speaking of Itsuki, he has a super form in which his appearance changed and he gained speed and sharp reflexes to save Rina Izumi. Better explain that too with your colleague, Aika!

With that said, Mika Konoe is rescued!

However, she doesn’t remember anything after being sucked into the game, not even that scrape she receive inside PSO2. I guess she was unconscious at that time!

Now then, I hope next week’s episode will have Aika Suzuki explain why those Darkers appeared in the real-world.

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