Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Episode #08

Well, you got Miyokichi on the left and you have Sukeroku on the right. While the futatsume Sukeroku is doing fine at the theater (except for handling money), Miyokichi is scorned after Kikuhiko left without saying a word to her!

Speaking of being scorned, Miyokichi doesn’t like being dumped as she’s been through hell back in Manchuria where she sells her own body just to make ends meet.

But you know what, there’s Sukeroku as he comforted Miyokichi because he doesn’t like seeing her sad and dejected.

Yeah, you gotta cry on his chest there Miyo-san!

Then again, seems that Kikuhiko returned to Tokyo earlier as expected and he interrupted their moment. Oh yeah, and he doesn’t mind seeing Miyokichi being hugged by another man as Kikuhiko wants to break up with her to pursue his career further.

Well, that was a jerkass move from Kiku-san! After all, he was married to rakugo on the day he went to his master’s house. And by the way, seems that the 7th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei is promoting both Kikuhiko and Sukeroku to shin’uchi, yet the elders considered promoting Kikuhiko to a higher rank as they couldn’t stand Sukeroku’s brash behavior!

Speaking of Sukeroku, he’s gonna move away from Kikuhiko. But before he part ways with his friend to pursue his path of rakugo, Sukeroku gave his trusty old fan to him as a parting gift.

In fact, Sukeroku’s fan is very sentimental to him as it was given by his master.

And by the way, his master’s name is none other than Sukeroku, which means that Shin (or Hatsutaro) became the 2nd Generation Sukeroku.

Unfortunately, the 1st Generation died penniless and his name fell into obscurity until Hatsutaro pick his it up as a memento.

On that note, I’ll end this post with Sukeroku heading off. Then again, there’s uncertainty on where he’ll end up with!

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