Durarara!!×2 Episode #32

Hey everyone, guess who’s back? It’s Kyohei Kadota and while he’s broken as shit, Dotachin is still standing!

Of course, he’s not here for a heart-warming return…

…as Ikebukuro is filled with Saika-loving zombies. Yeah, it’s not safe to walk into the streets when you saw people saying “I love you!” non-stop!

Oh yeah, and it seems that this guy with shades is responsible for letting those Saika followers run amok! Really, his crimes is escalating as not only he ran over Dotachin, but he’s planning to create a faux-zombie apocalypse.

By the way, that guys is joined by both Hiroto Shijima and Haruna Niekawa, which she was fully-controlled by Saika. On one hand, I wonder if the perpetrator behind Kadota’s coma raped Haruna beforehand?

Even so, it’s dangerous to go outside when you have Saika followers hunting you down!

Luckily, there are a few people capable of fending them off as Simon gave his patrons at the Russian Sushi with fireworks.

Just kidding, he brought firearms that were smuggled to Japan ’cause why not! You have the rare A-91 assault rifle, a Bizon sub-machine gun, a Stechkin automatic pistol, and some grenades here and there.

Having these firearms and grenades will make a great “Tamaya!” outside Russia Sushi. Not sure if Simon and his boss Dennis will use it to scare those zombies away…

Meanwhile, here’s Seitarou Yagiri as he’s trying to get Celty Sturluson’s head back. However…

It looks like Shinra’s father Shingen beat him to the punch. Oh, and he wants his son back!

Now that Shingen Kishitani got Celty’s severed head, he’ll do the right thing by giving it back to the owner. However, Seitarou warned him that giving her head back would result in wiping out the dullahan’s memories.

Not like he cared about it as Shingen (with the help of Igor) threw Celty’s head up in the air so that her body would retrieve it!

And look, Celty Sturluson has returned but she doesn’t remember who she is at the moment. You know what, Shinra will just make new memories once it’s over!

Finally, here’s Mikado Ryuugamine as he got a call from an acquaintance to Masaomi Kida….

…which happened to be Chikage Rokujo as he want Mikado to get out of his hiding and face his dear friend!

In any case, let’s hope that their meeting went smoothly even though their friendship would be close to ruin. On the other hand, when will Izaya vs Shizuo fight happen? Next episode perhaps?

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