Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episodes #07 & #08

And now we’re back to 1988 where Satoru Fujinuma has another chance to save Kayo Hinazuki and countless children from being murdered!

Of course, he can’t do it by himself…

So, Satoru got an ally named Kenya Kobayashi where he told him that he came from the future and he must change the past in order to prevent the murder of Kayo Hinazuki!

Even though he can’t believe it regarding Satoru’s story, Kenya eventually lend him a hand anyway.

Now then, let’s start the second Revival where Satoru Fujinuma abduct Kayo Hinazuki from her mother as well as the kidnapper.

While Satoru and Kenya hid Kayo inside the clubroom where Fujinuma received a birthday gift from Hinazuki, it proven to be dangerous as the kidnapper almost found Kayo-chan!

So Satoru hide Kayo into his house and stayed there for a night. Having Kayo being treated like a girl with tender loving care made her cry a lot!

But alas it’s time to let Kayo go as Satoru and his mother has no choice but to have Hinazuki return to her abusive mother…

…which she’ll get tortured until Kayo’s mother accidentally killed her daughter!

Then again, both Sachiko and Satoru Fujinuma are here to prevent Kayo’s mother from happening the inevitable.

So until then, I’ll see you on the next episode to find out!

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