Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Episode #08

Welcome back to the world of Grimgar where it seems that the restructuring of Haruhiro’s party is almost complete, now that he and his companions befriended Mary after last week’s episode.

With that said, let’s move onto this week’s episode where Haruhiro’s party show how much they improved!

But then again, most of the goblins they faced already know what they’re thinking such as their next move, etc.

Gotta say that this world has elements of Dark Souls and/or Bloodborne, now that the enemies are getting smarter and more cunning than ever before.

Eventually, the party managed to fight back against the goblins. However, their momentum will be grind to a halt…

…when Mary got shot in the back, just like what happened to Manato back in Episode 4.

Yup, all those harsh memories are coming back within the party!

And this goblin is responsible for shooting down their cleric. Seriously, those clerics need leather and chain mail armor and a helmet for added protection!

Fortunately, someone pulled out the arrow from Mary’s back and she healed her wounds by herself, defying death to fight for another day!

With that said, it’s time for Haruhiro to kill the assassin goblin that almost killed Mary. Oh yeah, and this goblin got Haruhiro’s dagger after their failed skirmish back in Episode 4.

Luckily, Haruhiro got his prized dagger back and stab this goblin in the neck!

Yeah, this counts as payback for not only stealing his equipment but for hurting Mary. But with that said, the party survived and they come out stronger as ever!

Not only that, but Haruhiro and his companions officially became Volunteer Soldiers.

Of course, that have to pay their respects to their fallen comrade Manato. Then again, Shihoru still miss him very much!

With that said, another episode of Grimgar has ended. As Haruhiro’s party has finally restored to its former glory, many challenges awaits them on the next episode!

Meanwhile, seems that Mary is starting to call Haruhiro as Hal. Maybe she reminded him of her companions back in the day…

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