Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Episode #08

Well, it’s official that Misaki Tobisawa has quit Kunahama Institute Flying Circus Club as she found the sport boring and it wasn’t fun to play it!

Now, she just laze around like a cat, but I doubt that it’ll stick that long…

But you know what, Misaki was right that playing FC wasn’t fun and Masaya Hinata experienced that feeling after seeing Tobisawa quit the club.

In fact, there’s more to Hinata’s story than we have now as it was revealed that Masaya was a child prodigy in the world of Flying Circus.

However, the pressure to win especially when Masaya Hinata was selected for the World Cup, put him more strain to his mind and body that he decides to chicken out. But the final nail in the coffin to his career is when Masaya was beaten by a young Kazunari Shindou.

With that said, it’s a depressing end to Hinata’s stellar career and now he’s relegated as a coach to Asuka Kurashina and the rest of the Kunahama Institute Flying Circus Club.

Now let’s get back to the present as Irina Avalon and Saki Inui challenged Kunahama Institute to a practice match.

While Aoi Kagami wanted to decline their offer, Asuka Kurashina eventually accepted the challenge…

…and got beaten badly as Saki trapped Asuka like a birdcage. Man, I feel that the Flying Circus community will find Irina Avalon’s tactics as nothing more than a brutal method of beating their opponents down!

On the other hand, I’m worried about Asuka Kurashina as she might quit after this practice match. Let’s hope that nothing bad would happen on the next episode!

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  1. Alex says:

    So it was not misaki who beat masaya ?

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