Musaigen no Phantom World Episode #09

This is Ayumi Kitajima, the only member of the Drama Club where she asked Mai Kawakami’s group to join her…

…to perform a stage play for the regional qualifiers. Yeah, good luck with her ’cause most of them couldn’t act properly including Koito Minase!

In any case, it’s time for the stage play where it’s based on Ikedaya Incident… but with a twist though.

You see, there’s a youkai involved in the story in order to make it more interesting.

Then again, there really is a youkai or should I say a Phantom involved on this play, and it turns out that Ayumi Kitajima was actually a Phantom all along!

Oh yeah and apart from taking Mai-cchi hostage, the whole theater has changed into a realistic version of Kyoto…

…complete with period-correct clothing in which the audience and the judges participate on this play.

Then again, it’s no longer a stage play anymore as the Phantom made it real!

On second though, Ayumi Kitajima doesn’t pose any harm as she wanted to get past the regional qualifiers.

In any case, she was soundly defeated by Haruhiko! Of course, they’ll think that this play sucked right?

Not exactly as the audience and the judges loved it! Even though it was an impromptu stage play, Mai Kawakami’s group made a stunning performance that the Hosea Academy Drama Club made it past the regional qualifiers.

That’s right, Ayumi’s dream of moving past the regionals has finally came true! I guess it’s time for her to pass on, huh?

Not quite as Ayumi Kitajima asked Mai-cchi’s group to help her aim for the nationals. Um Ayumi, I don’t think you and your ragtag group of actors would make it!

Anyways, all’s well that ends well on this week’s episode!

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