Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #09

Hey, it’s Doc as he tries his new toy to cause mischief…

That’s right, a Willwear code-named Fisherman! Unfortunately, Mythos doesn’t like his actions so he wants Doc out of Logos by any means.

Meanwhile, here’s Koutarou Inagi and Rin Yamabuki as they retrieve a hard drive from the current governor Kazuyoshi Terao, which contained sensitive information such as corruption.

Unfortunately, said hard drive was stolen by Doc, which I suspect that governor Terao asked him to retrieve it in exchange for information regarding Logos.

But you know what, Logos already ditch Doc by deleting his profile. Once more, the current governor will dispose him along with the hard drive!

Now let’s get back to Doc as he got a civilian involved. But you know what, this girl might double-crossed him once she called her ex-boyfriend!

And you know what, that’s where Rin Yamabuki used the civilian’s mobile phone signal to pinpoint Doc.

Oh, and Chief Yamabuki has a secret weapon on her sleeve…

That’s right, a Willwear code-named Oscar V and it seems that she retrieved the hard drive with a blink of an eye.

By the way, Oscar V’s specialty is speed and Chief Yamabuki used it effectively against Doc!

Oh, and she can go faster by using Oscar V’s sublimation module “Walking Volley” in which Doc couldn’t catch the chief of Unit 8…

Instead, Doc got caught by Rin Yamabuki instead by making a twister that sent him flying.

Well, he got served royally after causing serious mischief in previous episodes!

But not before going out with a literal bang as Doc threw a freeze grenade on himself, and the ice blast is getting closer on Oscar V.

If Rin Yamabuki got caught with it, it’s game over!

Good thing Oscar II rescued Oscar V and the hard drive, so good job there Takeru Kuroki. As for the civilian, Kuroki saved her before she got caught in Doc’s revenge!

But anyways, another crisis was averted and with the hard drive safely delivered to Inagi-san, it’ll be a matter of time before Terao’s corruption and other illegal activities came to light once it cracked open.

As for Doc, it’s revealed that his real name is Kakeru Doumoto and now he’s in a coma after freezing himself.

Well, he deserved it and Logos sees him as nothing more than an expendable hacker. Speaking of Logos, Mythos and Bird are still there and they’re plotting their next ambiguous move.

And on the subject of Bird Hinata’s friend Tomoki Hachijou is confirmed to be one of them. Not sure if he’ll kidnap Hinata Yamabuki just to blackmail the Chief of Unit 8.

Anyways, I’ll see you next week!

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