Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode #09

Uh-oh, seems that Akemi Hinazuki wants to take out those witnesses by hitting them with a shovel. Damn, it’s got worse than I thought!

Too late for that though as the Child Welfare Agency have seen enough abuse from Ms. Hinazuki. Well, time to rescue Kayo-chan from her abusive mom!

But not before Kayo’s grandmother appeared and plead her apology towards Akemi Hinazuki, as it was her fault for not taking care of her daughter much that Akemi became a monster parent!

Um, Ms. Akemi Hinazuki is beyond salvation and the damage has been done…

Even though Ms. Hinazuki apologized to her mother for being a bad parent, it’s already happened that there’s nothing she can do about her abuse towards Kayo.

Sorry Ms. Hinazuki, but it’s all over!

With that said, Kayo Hinazuki has been rescued from her abusive mother. While Satoru Fujinuma can finally get a sigh of relief, there’s no indication of what happened to Kayo after her grandmother took her in.

Anyways, now all is left for Satoru is to save both Aya Nakanishi and Hiromi Sugita as the criminal remained at-large on this time period.

Meanwhile, Satoru got a chance to speak towards Gaku Yashiro after taking him and his mother for a ride back home…

…until Satoru opened the car compartment, which Yashiro-san got angry about it.

While he opened the compartment filled with candies, seems that Gaku Yashiro is hiding something beneath the pile of lollipops. Very suspicious indeed!

For now, it’s time to end this episode as Satoru says good-bye to Hiromi-kun.

While it’s easy to save Hiromi Sugita since Satoru knows about him, the problem lies with Aya Nakanishi as he can’t just approach and befriend her.

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