GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #21

Well everyone, it’s time for Princess Piña Co Lada’s Rose-Order of Knights to fend off the Cleaners…

…and these guys didn’t stood a chance that they retreated! Then again, the Jade Palace will become a battlefield again once Emperor Zolzal will send his army towards the palace.

By the way, Senator Casel is safe but he’s still in danger!

Back in Japan, seems that there’s a battle brewing inside the country as the government will have to tackle sleazy journalists from discrediting the Self-Defense Forces for being a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Well, it happens most of the time and some of those journalists wants to smear them for money. Honestly, this guy standing beside Noriko Mochizuki will just get away with it after exposing JSDF’s dirty secrets!

In the meantime, Lt. Youji Itami’s group are running away from assassins as we speak. And since Lelei la Lalena was designated as a hero for killing the Fire Dragon, the risk has gone greater!

Then again, Lelei decides to stay at Rondel as she still wants to become a grand master magician. I’m hoping that she achieve that!

Anyways, I’ll end this episode as Princess Piña Co Lada was locked-up inside the capital.

Not a good situation there for the princess as her knight order is in danger of being slaughtered by Emperor Zolzal’s forces!

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