Heavy Object Episode #21

With Prizewell City Slicker (still a funny name) and his 24th Mechanized Maintenance Battalion advancing towards an immigrant city? It’s up to Qwenthur Barbotage and Havia Winchell to stop his battalion by themselves!

Sure that Prizewell City Slicker is piloting Indigo Plasma and he has six mini Objects at both flanks, but Qwenthur thinks that Prizewell’s mini Object squad are nothing more than attack drones. Anyways, he has a plan…

But first, Qwenthur must get away from a maid squad. Obviously, they’re here to clean this place up including Qwenthur and Havia.

But you know what Qwenthur, why not give those maid a box full of diamonds that you collected from the Kamchatka Peninsula and they’ll eventually help you. I mean, it’s a great idea!

Meanwhile, here’s the chief mechanic Ayami Cherryblossom as she’s rescuing her family from being fired by Indigo Plasma’s cannons.

Even though she can managed to save her whole family, it might be too late as the 24th Mechanized Maintenance are getting closer to the city.

Of course, these two boys won’t let their chief mechanic die in vain as Milinda Brantini wants the old lady back to repair her Baby Magnum and kick Prizewell’s ass!

Oh yeah, and both of them are not alone…

…as Qwenthur hired the Battlefield Cleaning Service for help, using diamonds as payment of course!

Now then, I’ll see you next week and as for that former councilor, I think Flide won’t be showing up on the last 3 episodes!

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