Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Episode #08

Hey everyone, here’s another episode of PSO2 where Itsuki Tachibana is tailing Aika Suzuki.

Ever since she saved Mika Konoe last week, our generic protagonist is very curious about Aika! But we’ll get to that later…

…as I’m gonna discuss about Itsuki’s Super Mode. Sure that his appearance has changed but I’m curious to see what Itsuki can do in-game!

Never mind, seems that he can do amazing feats without knowing how to pull it off, like this giant photon sword…

…that cuts the Darker in half! By the way, this is one of the rare Photon Arts that you can find in the game called “Over End”.

Of course, I’m not playing Phantasy Star Online 2 as I was too busy blogging anime and other commitments!

Now let’s go back to real-life as Itsuki is being attacked by a Darker just like Last Samurai and Mika Konoe.

Honestly, it’s a bad idea to play PSO2 when you’re being threatened by a monster coming out of your portable game console!

At this point, Itsuki Tachibana will get captured and locked up inside the game.

Not until Aika rescued Itsuki by going out from the game console. Hmm, now I feel very suspicious about Aika Suzuki!

I was wondering if she’s a human being or an NPC who got a human soul?

But let’s return to our generic protagonist as Itsuki got a photon sword on his hand.

Wait, how did he get it, did Itsuki summoned unconsciously?

Not only that, but did he just transformed into his in-game avatar!? Don’t tell me that Itsuki Tachibana is the same as Aika Suzuki?

Anyways, there’s too many “WTF!?” happened on this week’s episode! With that said, see ya next week…

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