Durarara!!×2 Episode #33

Here’s Mizuki Akabayashi and while he’s just checking his mobile phone while drinking at the bar, I feel that he shouldn’t get involved with a scuffle between two gangs plus a swarm of Saika followers thrown in!

Honestly, he should stay at the bar and relax…

Meanwhile, Anri Sonohara and Saki Mikajima have arrived at Shinra’s apartment, only to be greeted by Kyohei Kadota’s group, the Yagiri siblings, and Mika Harima as they’re getting out of the city.

Speaking of Kadota, not sure if it was a great idea to go outside as Ikebukuro is filled with Saika followers. Once you got slashed, you become one of them!

Maybe it’s better for them to just stay indoors for a while, since Dotachin’s wounds aren’t healed yet!

Then again, seems that there’s no needs to stay indoors as they’ll have to save Erika Karisawa from becoming one of them!

Let’s hope that Erika hangs in there…

Meanwhile, let’s get back to Shizuo Heiwajima… Then again, seems that he collapsed for some odd reason where he supposed to kick Izaya Orihara’s ass!

But it seems that Izaya has other plans as instead of confronting Shizuo head-on, he decides to cripple Heiwajima by cutting the oxygen supply off so that Shizuo will die from suffocation!

Oh, and he made a big explosion just to finish Shizu-chan off because why not!

Um Izaya, you should just cut off Shizuo’s oxygen supply and let him die as I think he’ll survive that!

See, he just tanked it and now Shizuo is freakin’ pissed as he grabs an I-beam to shake Izaya off…

…and batted him off for a home-run! You made Jyushimatsu very proud with that clean hit on Izaya, Shizuo!

Oh look, it’s Shinra Kishitani as he’s barely fine after being abducted by Kasane Kujiragi.

Of course, he’s still under Saika’s control but Shinra is fighting it in order to see Celty again!

One more thing, Shinra is being assisted by Manami Mamiya where she supposed to reveal Izaya’s dirty secrets to Jinnai Yodogiri just to torment him more.

But then again, it would be a waste of time if Yodogiri wasn’t there so Manami helped Shinra up.

Speaking of Izaya, I can’t believe that he survived that after being hurled by Shizu-chan! Gotta say that he’s tougher than I thought!

Anyways, I’ll see you next week as Durarara!! heads off to Russia Sushi. Let’s hope that Dennis, Simon Brezhnev, and their patrons are safe there…

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