Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Episode #09

Well, this is surprising as Asuka Kurashina is singing her frustration out after losing to Saki Inui last week!

Also, she decided to take absence as Asuka couldn’t fly due to that humiliating loss! Poor girl…

Meanwhile, let’s move onto backstory as Asuka met someone who changed her life forever…

Said person happened to be none other than Masaya Hinata, who gave her a Zephyrion robot toy as a gift before moving away towards the city.

Unfortunately, seems that Masaya forgot about Asuka after so many years.

Meanwhile, Asuka went to Misaki Tobisawa’s house as she’s still depressed. Then again, there’s Mashiro Arisaka as she wanted to see Misaki-sempai so badly!

Oh yeah, and here’s Misaki’s photo album showing her fond memories as a young tomboy. She looks cool wearing that cap!

By the way, I have to correct from what I said back in Episode 8, but it seems that Misaki Tobisawa is the one who beat Masaya Hinata. Then again, he doesn’t remember Misaki much since she looked like a boy back then!

Anyways, let’s forget about seeing both girls mope around. The only thing they should do is to challenge each other.

After all, Misaki is the reason why Asuka wanted to fly in the first place!

So yes, they battled until the end. And while Asuka made new moves such as Delta Force, it seems that Misaki triumph over the newcomer!

Well, there’s no hard feelings towards each other. Once more, seems that Tobisawa will return to the Flying Circus Club as her motivation to fly was rekindled thanks to Kurashina.

That’s great news, but I’m worried that there would be a love triangle coming up as both Misaki and Asuka might fall in love towards Masaya Hinata. In any case, I’ll see you next week!

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