Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Episode #09

Oh look, a succubus and this fellow will grant you erotic dreams so long as you sign some request papers here and there. Don’t know if the request involves a bit of lifeforce as payment!

In any case, a certain Kazuma Satou wants to be touched by a succubus and so he signed up.

Now all he needs is to wait for the succubus and get laid. Honestly, Kazuma Satou might lose consciousness and catch a cold if he stayed too long at the bathtub!

Anyways, it’s time for the big moment…

…as Kazuma got a naked Darkness-chan instead of a succubus. What a surprise there, but I don’t think this erotic dream is working as it should be!

Then again, he doesn’t mind it as Kazuma’s body is ready! See, he’s ready fuck Darkness-chan up as she’s s freakin’ masochist!

Unfortunately, seems that Darkness is too embarrassed to serve Kazuma with her body.

And beside, it’s purely coincidence that she went to the bathroom without being controlled. On the other hand, where’s the succubus that Kazuma requested?

Well, this is the succubus that he requested, but it seems that she got caught in one of Aqua’s traps!

And since Aqua is a malevolent goddess who smites evil regardless, this succubus is doomed!

Oh, and Megumin will join Aqua to demolish her with explosive magic. So, what will Kazuma do?

Well, the only solution is to protect the succubus as she didn’t do any harm on Kazuma… yet!

Also, glad to see him showing off his manly side. Go on Ms. Succubus, make your escape while you still can!

In any case, the succubus got away unharmed but what about Kazuma Satou?

It turns out that Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness-chan beat him up until he forgot about it. So much for Kazuma seeing Darkness-chan’s body… or is it?

Anyway, it’s onto the next episode and unfortunately, Kadokawa told Studio DEEN that next week will be the last episode!

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