Musaigen no Phantom World Episode #10

Hey guys, it’s Ruru-chan and she’s bored because she wanted to see the fireworks and drink ramune!

In fact, Ruru wished that she wanted to become a human instead of being a small-sized Phantom.

Luckily, all of her worries will be gone as Ruru asked this witch Phantom a wish and granted it…

Turning Ruru into a fully-sized girl named Ramune Natsuno. For those who don’t know, her name translates to “Summer’s Ramune”.

In any case, she blended well with Haruhiko and the gang as Ru- I mean Ramune wears her yukata to enjoy the summer festival!

That’s until a firework Phantom wreck havoc where it seems that the witch Phantom grant him a wish to go off with a bigger bang.

Not good for those onlookers at the festival!

Luckily, Ruru is here to save the day but she has to drop her act as Ramune Natsuno.

In any case, she convinced the firework Phantom to go up in order not to hurt the festival-goers below!

Of course, it comes at a price as Ruru might get caught on the explosion instead, which Haruhiko Ichijou won’t like it at all as he fall down towards the sea!

Anyways, Ruru went up to the great Summer festival in the sky. Damn, say it ain’t so!

Oh wait, seems that she survived from that firework explosion. Gee Ruru-chan, you sure scared me and Haruhiko-kun!

But hey, what’s important is that she’s alive. And look, Ruru enjoyed a bottle of ramune where she drank all of it!

In any case, I hope that witch Phantom will return on the next episode as she’s hiding something…

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