Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode #10

Well, looks like Satoru Fujinuma is trying to save both Aya Nakanishi and Hiromi Sugita as much as he could.

Speaking of Aya Nakanishi, she joined Satoru’s group ’cause Aya has nothing to do by herself other than going to piano lessons, which is great since Satoru won’t have to tail her anymore!

Meanwhile, there’s another girl who will become a victim in the future. Named Misato Yanagihara, she’s one of the girls who bullied Kayo Hinazuki in previous episodes and now Misato is ostracized for it.

With that said, Misato will become a victim to that serial killer…

…who turned out to be none other than Gaku Yashiro. Yeah, his behavior from last week’s episode shows that he’s the fuckin’ murderer who kidnaps children and frame innocent people for their deaths.

One more thing, his expression says it all!

Oh, and he’s gonna kill Satoru Fujinuma for revealing his identity and frame Sachiko Fujinuma for neglecting his son!

Damn, I can’t believe that Gaku Yashiro revealed himself as the culprit in the most horrible way! In any case, hoping that someone would save him on the next episode.

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