Dagashi Kashi Episode #09

Here’s Hotaru Shidare… and it seems she has a swollen cheek due to eating too much candy and/or accidentally bit herself.

But in any case, the only solution is to cut down on eating sweets for the time being as Saya-chan is stopping Hotaru from chowing down candies!

Unfortunately, she doesn’t listen as Hotaru is eating the last bits of pop rocks like there’s no tomorrow!

And by the way, here’s a look inside of Hotaru’s mouth as this rock candy says good-bye to his buddy…

…as he made a glorious explosion. Gotta say that it was so dramatic inside Hotaru’s mouth!

Meanwhile for Shidare, seems that she enjoys getting hurt by eating pop rocks.

Must be a masochist then, and also I think her mouth ulcer will get worse. Saya-chan should stop her in a stricter way!

On the other hand, Hotaru Shidare confessed that she came from Osaka as Hotaru eats sakura daikon with rice!

Then again, Kokonotsu does buy her confession as Hotaru didn’t come from Kansai region. In fact, Hotaru was just pretending to act like an Osakan!

Still, it would be better if she cured her mouth ulcer on next week’s episode. Also, she should brush her teeth and gargle with mouthwash!

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