GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #22

Here’s Lelei la Lalena as she’s finally suit up for the Grand Master examination where she’ll present her research to a group of wizards!

Of course, there are a few people who wanted to take Lelei’s head as this cat lady is about to pounce little miss genius!

Good thing those magicians are there to blast this intruder to smithereens, but not outright killing her ’cause that would be bad.

Well, it’s time for Lelei to show her stuff and-

Oh wait, don’t tell me that Shandy was controlled by the Pied Piper too? Say it ain’t so!

Dammit, this can’t be happening as Lelei la Lalena got stabbed! Damn you Zolzal, damn you!!!

And speaking of Zolzal, he locked his sister Piña and treated like a slave! Fucking Zolzal, I hope karma will bite you in the dust!

Meanwhile, seems that Lelei survived thanks to an armor plate that she wore underneath her garb.

As for Shandy Gaff Marea, she was apprehended as Shandy was ordered by the Pied Piper to kill Lelei in order to free Princess Piña Co Lada, which will not happen even if she succeeded!

In any case, looks like Lt. Itami and his group are going back to the capital to save Princess Piña!

Oh yeah, and there’s good news for him as reinforcements will arrive to the Special Region and back up the Rose-Order of Knights at the Jade Palace. Well then, I’ll see ya next week!

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