Heavy Object Episode #22

Here’s the Battlefield Cleaning Service as they do their stuff by launching drones to survey the area…

…as well as attacking the enemy. Good for mini-Objects but not effective against Indigo Plasma!

Meanwhile, Qwenthur Barbotage picked up armor debris from the mini-Object and while it’s light, it doesn’t mean that the drones can easily destroy them as there’s no much time left.

So he asked Ayami Cherryblossom for help despite being stuck in traffic.

Anyways, Ayami briefly told Qwenthur that the armor for the mini-Object has special ceramic underneath the steel plating, which it can withstand high temperature but it couldn’t handle changes when exposed to Arctic climate.

Hmm, sounds like Qwenthur got a great idea after talking to the old lady!

Now then, the only thing he needs is to trick the mini-Objects by attacking it from behind, using the Animal drone from the Battlefield Cleaning Service of course!

Then, those mini-Objects would attack their friendly troops which they carried plasma tanks to replenish Indigo Plasma’s cannons.

Naturally, it’s not good to carry around the back as the mini-Objects fire their plasma cannons, causing a chain reaction that it’ll make a bigger and hotter explosion…

…which will make those mini-Objects crumble down due to change of temperature. Yeah, that’ll piss Prizewell City Slicker much now that his precious mini-Objects got fried by a commoner like Qwenthur Barbotage!

See, he’s not impressed but let’s not forget that his Indigo Plasma is still standing…

…and Prizewell is about to fire its cannons. Then again, firing his cannon when the Indigo Plasma is surrounded by plasma gas would be catastrophic!

But don’t worry though, Qwenthur is confident that Prizewell City Slicker will be defeated ’cause he got back-up!

Well, let’s just say that he got a big help…

…from none other than Milinda Brantini and her Baby Magnum as she rain down on Indigo Plasma with its fully-repaired main guns!

See, Prizewell City Slicker didn’t stand a chance! Good riddance to that racist prick!

Well, looks like the 24th Mechanized Maintenance Battalion’s attack went off with a bang!

As for Qwenthur, he’ll be fine when Milinda protect him from the explosion.

Meanwhile, Ayami Cherryblossom and her family safely got out from the city, which is great news for both Qwenthur Barbotage and Havia Winchell.

See, Ayami’s grand-daughter is happy that she and her parents are safe! As for the Battlefield Cleaning Service, Qwenthur paid the remaining balance with diamonds.

Honestly, Frolaytia Capistrano would punish Qwenthur for getting diamonds at the Kamchatka Peninsula as well as using them to hire a private military contractor.

Speaking of the Battlefield Cleaning Service, looks like they belong to the Intelligence Union. Come to think of it, did those maids went to Victoria Island by coincidence?

In any case, I guess that the Battlefield Cleaning Service successfully destroyed those mini-Objects equipped with strategic AI.

With that said, I’ll end this episode with Sladder Honeysuckle as he rants about the fall of the 37th Mechanized Maintenance Battalion.

I hope that it won’t come true on the next episode!

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