Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Episode #09

Well, looks like Itsuki Tachibana transformed into his in-game avatar and defeated a Darker outside of Phantasy Star Online 2! Nice job, Itsuki-kun!

Oh yeah, and I would like to reveal to you about Aika Suzuki’s secret. She’s an NPC all along, so no surprises there!

Meanwhile, here’s a new character introduced named Kasura, who is not only an NPC but he’s part of Council of Six and one of the Three Heroes.

Basically, this FOnewm is Aika’s boss and Kasura told Itsuki that PSO2 isn’t just a game…

…as it’s basically exist outside of it, although most of the players didn’t know about it!

And while he’s was mesmerized upon seeing the stars and ships, Kasura told Itsuki that the reason those Darkers are attracted to him is because they want him to become the host of Dark Falz.

Well Itsuki, looks like he needs to be careful if he doesn’t want to become the final boss of the game!

Back at Seiga Academy, Rina Izumi is preparing herself for the school festival especially the after-party.

Um Itsuki-kun, you should help Rina-sempai for a change of pace. I mean, you’re still growing so you should take some time off!

Then again, seems that Itsuki-kun is so stubborn that he’s gonna get killed at this point!

Seriously, take a rest will ya?!

Luckily, reinforcements have arrived… but it seems that Itsuki’s friends didn’t come to rescue him as they’re busy with real-life.

Then again, they didn’t know about the real situation at all!

Oh yeah, more character introductions starting with Xeno. This is the guy who rescued Itsuki and like Aika and Kasura, Xeno is an NPC!

Also joining Xeno is Echo as she healed Itsuki’s wounds. Honestly, I think he should take a break on playing PSO2!

But then, the Darkers went outside PSO2 to hunt down Itsuki Tachibana. They couldn’t catch him a break, huh?

Luckily, Aika saved him again but here’s something more interesting…

Look at her expression? Seems that Aika happy that Itsuki is safe. I mean, she wants him to enjoy the school festival!

Speaking of Itsuki-kun, he decides to fight back instead of fleeing from the enemy like a little girl. Don’t know if his body can take it though…

…but it seems that Itsuki Tachibana is fine as he killed the Darker in style! Well, glad that it’s over for now.

Oh look, more expressions coming from Ai-Ai as she’s excited to attend the school festival. I guess she’s more than just an NPC, Aika is a human being!

Anyways, I’ll see you next episode as I hoping that the Seiga Academy school festival went off without those Darkers crashing it!

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