Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Episode #10

Irina Avalon and Saki Inui, they wanted to show the world that their brand of Flying Circus is superior and beautiful, something that Aoi Kagami feared about it!

Speaking of Aoi Kagami, she previous made a secret move called “Angelic Halo” during her prime, which inspired both of them to play FC and emulate Aoi’s style in which is brutal and disheartening to players.

Meanwhile, the Kunahama Institute Flying Circus Club is preparing for the fall tournament, although they’ll have a hard time figuring out on beating Saki Inui.

Oh yeah and it seems that Asuka Kurashina is flying awkwardly. Turns out that by turning off the balancer from the Grav-Shoes, the user would fly faster and make quicker turns in exchange of stability like flying in a straight line.

On the other hand, I wonder if Irina Avalon ordered Saki Inui to turn off the balancer from her Grav-Shoes for quicker and responsive movement? This could be interesting if they use that!

But let’s go back to their training as they got some help from Takafuji Academy.

While it’s very helpful for both Asuka and Misaki to learn it from Kazunari Shindou, seeing Reiko Satouin fired up would be amazing but it won’t help much!

On the other hand, seems that we have a surprise on this episode as Masaya Hinata has returned to the skies!

While it’s been a long time since he wore his Grav-Shoes, Masaya’s skills wasn’t diminished!

In fact, he showed Asuka Kurashina some of his moves like Sonic Boost and Blaster Roll, which it came from his idol and teacher Aoi Kagami.

I have to say, Hinata-kun sure schooled both Asuka and Misaki with his moves!

Speaking of Kagami-sensei, looks like she’s joining the party as well. In any case, I hope they can learn for this former ace on the next episode!

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