Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Episode #10

Here’s Ranta and while this Dark Knight wants to slaughter kobolds for his Vice…

…he sometimes being careless especially when Haruhiro almost got killed by Ranta. Phew, that was close!

Anyways, Haruhiro’s party went to Cyrene Mine after taking their day-off in last week’s episode.

Of course, this would be hard for Haruhiro and while he’s doubting himself regarding his leadership and his responsibilities. Now then, his leader status will be put to the test…

…when Haruhiro and the rest of the party encountered Death Spots, the special kobold who slayed most of Mary’s comrades.

And speaking of Mary, she’s trembling in fear as she saw Death Spots again.

It would be better if they should run away, but it seems that Haruhiro’s party would have a hard time getting out when Death Spots brought the whole kobold pack to hunt them down!

Anyways, I’ll see you next week and let’s hope they get out of the mines alive…

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