HaruChika: Haruta to Chika Wa Seishun Suru Episode #11

Well, I’m expecting for Shimizu South High School to perform on this episode, but it seems that P.A.Works skip that and move onto the result as the Brass Band Club are moving closer to the nationals.

Then again, the club are stuck in B Division but Haruta Kamijou and Chika Homura don’t mind about that!

Meanwhile, here’s Naoko Serizawa as she complained that the piano is playing out-of-tune.

By the way, there’s sad news that Serizawa can’t hear using her right ear so she’ll have to use her left ear, which it’s still recovering as of this episode.

Moving on as Naoko-san wants this piano tuned to its right tone…

But then it was interrupted by a clavietta player who challenged Serizawa to a musical duel. Anyways, this mysterious musician plays great music, but she was hampered by an empty stomach and therefore gave up.

In any case, this mysterious musician revealed herself as Makoto Yamanobe and she’s an acquaintance to Shinjirou Kusakabe.

By the way, see that diagonal cut on Yamanobe’s business card? I’ll tell you something about it later…

Anyways, Yamanobe-san is here to discuss about a rare Imperial Bösendorfer piano to Kusakabe-sensei, which her father wanted to put it on auction. However, there’s a problem as the key for the Bösendorfer piano was given by Makoto by her late grandfather.

Now then, remember what I told you about that cut on Makoto Yamanobe’s business card? Well, it turns out that she’s losing her eyesight and her professional career went out with a whimper as Yamanobe couldn’t see the composition. With her career already over, what’s left for Yamanobe was her clavietta which was given by her grand-father before passing away.

As for her clavietta? It turns out that it has a Braille message from Makoto’s grandfather, saying that he lost the key for the Bösendorfer piano. Oh and one more thing, Yamanobe’s clavietta has ivory keys from the Bösendorfer piano, meaning that the value of the rare Imperial piano was cut in half as it was replaced with ceramic keys.

In any case, another mystery solved!

One last thing, the next episode will be the last one and while I want Naoko Serizawa to join the Brass Band Club, I feel that it won’t happen!

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