Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Episode #10

Hey everyone, it’s the final episode sadly enough and while Kazuma Satou wants to say sorry to Darkness-chan after last week’s episode, seems that Darkness revealed herself as a princess named Dustiness Ford Lalatina.

Then again, I’m still gonna call her as Darkness-chan but now it’s time for an emergency…

Anyways, this is Destroyer in which it’s a mobile fortress that obliterates everything in its path, even birds too!

Naturally, everyone is scared of facing it including Megumin!

But not for Aqua though as she uses her magic to destroy its barrier. Gotta say that she did something useful on this episode!

See, the Destroyer’s barrier is getting weakened by Aqua’s sacred magic. With its barrier weakened into nothing, it’s time for Megumin to obliterate the fortress with her one-shot Explosion magic!

Well, make it two as Wiz joined her because having a single Explosion isn’t enough!

See, the Destroyer is- Well, you know what’s gonna happen when two Explosions combined together to destroy the mobile fortress!

With that said, the Destroyer has been destroyed!

Then again, the mobile fortress got something deadly as it has a self-destruction device, which would still wipe out the entire town if they couldn’t defuse it.

Um Darkness-chan, you should get the hell out of here! I know that you’re a masochist, but you won’t feel a damn thing if you being caught in a blast!

Now then, Kazuma and the rest of his party went inside Destroyer’s lair, and they found out that the creator of the mobile fortress was so pissed that he doesn’t care if his creation gone berserk and obliterate everyone. But you know what, the damage has been done!

Now then, the next step is to disable its self-destruction by teleporting the coronatite away from the fortress. However, it needs a lot of mana and so Wiz borrowed it from Kazuma Satou. Yeah, this is gonna make him looked haggard!

But anyways, the coronatite was transported away! I hope no one would get caught with it…

Then again, it’s not yet over as the Destroyer is still there, waiting to explode even though the fortress lost its power source!

So it’s time for one final act as Kazuma borrowed mana from Aqua and transferred it to Megumin.

Oh and don’t try to tell me that Megumin can use her Explosion magic once per day! You see, he has a plan…

…as Kazuma wants Megumin to cast another Explosion magic to obliterate Destroyer once as for all, minus the collateral damage of course!

But there it is, the mobile fortress has finally destroyed at the hands of Kazuma’s party.

Good job to them and I hope that they would get a great reward!

However, what they got was an arrest warrant as someone transported the coronatite to one of the overlord’s villa and got obliterated.

While I wish that nobody got killed, this arrest is so absurd!

Oh, and it seems that Kazuma Satou is responsible for sending the coronatite to its meltdown towards a noble’s mansion. So wait, is this how KonoSuba ends with Kazuma’s arrest? Dammit Studio DEEN, this series sucks!

Just kidding, this series is so hilarious to watch and Studio DEEN did a great job on adapting KonoSuba. Oh and for those who don’t like the ending, there’s good news for Kazuma’s party as their adventure will continue on the second season! Only time will tell if Season 2 will air this year or in 2017…

Until then, I’ll leave you with Kazuma Satou getting that sinking feeling of being arrested after saving the town from a mobile fortress! Damn those nobles…

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