Musaigen no Phantom World Episode #11

This is Mai Kawakami as she starts this episode by protecting a kid from a Phantom! Oh by the way, the kid that’s being protected by Mai-cchi might remind you of that male protagonist to this series…

You see, this boy is actually Haruhiko Ichijou who became like this after reading an essay that he made when Haruhiko was an elementary school student.

For some reason, Haruhiko-kun looked cute as a boy that every girl loves him!

Anyways, Haruhiko is taken care of by Mai-sempai, but it seems that it’s troublesome to babysit him when Haruhiko is acting like a smart-ass. Well, I hope Mai-cchi will pull it through!

But you know what, Haruhiko wasn’t a naughty kid as he’s just pretty lonely. Good thing Mai-sempai is acting like a surrogate mother to him!

In any case, they’re having a great time…

But let’s get back to the present as they’re being attacked by a sandbox Phantom. Oh, and the reason why this Phantom appeared is because it doesn’t like being soiled by cat litter!

Oh, and the Phantom took out Mai-cchi ’cause he’s freaking pissed! By the way, seems that Mai Kawakami’s body is having abnormalities lately. I’m hoping that Mai-cchi won’t lose her powers!

Anyways, looks like Haruhiko doesn’t like seeing Mai-sempai getting hurt as he reverted to his teen form!

But then again, seems that he’s surprised that Haruhiko is only wearing briefs after bursting out from his kiddy clothes.

Oh yeah, and he doesn’t remember how he turned into a child anyway!

But no matter as Haruhiko Ichijou summoned Cthulhu to defeat the sandbox Phantom.

Then again, he doesn’t remember what happened when he was a kid although Haruhiko is still lonely without his parents around. Poor Haruhiko…

With that said, two episodes to go!

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