Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #11

Here’s something I forgot to tell you back in earlier episode. This is Liko-chan, a personal assistant who is very popular with the masses, but there’s a lingering mystery of what’s the real ulterior purpose of her existence.

In any case, it seems that the Eighth has returned from official duty and this time no bureaucrat will obstruct them, including Governor Kazuyoshi Terao in which he was hospitalized.

While Unit 8 was hampered with limited resources due to Mythos blacking-out the entire infrastructure of Japan, seems that they’re making progress on saving the country from being controlled by a teenage hacker, like asking Hinata Yamabuki for help on opening up Tomoki’s laptop via her voice.

Anyways, thanks to Hinata cooperating with Unit 8, they found an important piece that will save Japan from Mythos’ control. Well then, it’s time for them to move out…

…except for Asami Kazari in which the director told her not to get involved with the Eighth. By the way, this director previously told Kazari to spy on them because Unit 8 is an eyesore to the National Police.

Fortunately, the Director General told her to go and join Unit 8 as he believes that they’re the only group who can deal with this crisis. Way to go sir!

Now let’s move onto the main event as Unit 8 storms into the building where the backup copy of Orochi’s “ro” part is located.

Come to think of it, having the Oscar units sortied together was the most awesome thing that happened on this episode!

Of course, they’ll have to deal with the United Self-Defense Force lead by Miho Ooshikoushi, which they treat Unit 8 as terrorists.

It doesn’t help that their Willwear was hijacked by Mythos which he changed Unit 8’s appearance. Yeah, he got them at the wrong time!

Well, there’s only one thing left to do: Let the Eighth go past them the hard way!

This includes knocking those USDF’s soldiers down as Takeru Kuroki demonstrates.

Meanwhile, Asami Kazari arrived at the scene just in time to stop Miho’s group. But then again, it might be too late…

…as Mythos successfully grab the last piece to control the National Public Unified Intelligence Matrix, thus he has the power to control Japan. Man, what could be worse than turning Liko-chan into an apple?

Anyways, Unit 8 got out-gambit again by a teenage hacker! But while we’re at it, I wonder if Mythos will use that badass Willwear on the last episode?

I’ll see you next week and fuck, Japan is doomed in Active Raid if Mythos is in charge!

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