Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode #11

Oh look, it’s Sachiko Fujinuma as she’s alive and well. Of course, I wonder if her son got drowned back in 1988?

Then again, seems that Satoru Fujinuma miraculously survived. Phew, I thought that he was a goner!

So anyway, here’s Satoru as he woke up after being frozen in time for 15 years.

While he’s shaken from his coma, Satoru’s memories is still fuzzy so it seems that he’s having a hard time remembering the last moments of his life. Yes, this includes the time when Gaku Yashiro drowned him to a frozen lake!

On the other hand, the future was changed thanks to Satoru’s meddling. You’ll see Kenya Kobayashi and Hiromi Sugita becoming successful as a lawyer and a doctor, respectively.

Gotta say, having Hiromi-kun survived after 1988 was surprising! But what about Kayo Hinazuki?

Oh, seems that Kayo is alive as well and she’s now Hiromi’s wife who has a son named Mirai. Looks like the Kayo/Satoru ship has sunk, but I’m glad that she’s living a great life!

Of course, the question remains of what happened to Gaku Yashiro.

It turns out that he’s still exist under the name of Manabu Nishizono, who became a city councilor by inheriting it from his father-in-law.

Oh yeah, and he’s gonna kill Satoru Fujinuma because it amuses him just like taking out a spider’s web. C’mon Satoru-kun, get away from that guy and find a way to beat him!

With that said, I’ll see you next week as the final episode would be the most intense conclusion ever!

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