Dagashi Kashi Episode #10

Darn, looks like Hotaru Shidare is not feeling well on this week’s episode!

Oh and she fainted! Not a good idea for her to move around…

Meanwhile, here’s Kokonotsu Shikada as he presents a new snack: Kyabetsu Tarou! By the way, this snack doesn’t contain cabbages.

Still, Hotaru-chan wants it badly despite having her mouth being covered by a facemask!

Then again, she can’t do it. Honestly, try cutting down on sweets and junk food!

Anyways, it turns out that her mouth ulcer has gone worse after last week’s episode.

While she’s eager to try the new Baby Star flavor upon release, Hotaru will have to abstain from eating candy until then!

Unfortunately for Hotaru, she can’t resist the urge of eating junk food. Seriously Hotaru-chan, cut down on sweets until your ulcer went away!

Then again, her mouth ulcer will be cured on the next episode… I hope!

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